Thursday, March 24, 2022

03-24-2022 // Signal 98 Industrial Fire – Steelway Blvd. South

Shortly after 0630 Thursday Morning, The Onondaga County 911 Center alerted Moyers Corners for a reported Industrial Fire on Steelway Boulevard South, in the Station 2 response area.

Car 4 [D/C Dembowski] and Battalion 2 [B/C Beverly] arrived to find two piles of recycled paper and cardboard products burning directly outside overhead doors that had been removed from inside the building by workers on scene with a front loader. Fire and smoke were noted inside the facility within the source pile of recycled paper and cardboard. Battalion 1 [B/C Eldred] arrived shortly after, and was assigned the Safety Officer role.

Engine 21 [Lt. Hart] established a water supply and made initial attack on the burning material outside the building that was blocking access through the overhead doors. Engine 21 suppressed one pile and transitioned to the interior of the building.

Engines 41, 32, Truck 2, Ladder 1 and Lakeside Rescue 5 assisted on scene by removing the burning material and extinguishing hot spots. Workers on scene utilized the front loader to continue to remove piles of both burned and unburned material.

Belgium Cold Springs, North Syracuse and Liverpool Truck 2 were placed on standby at their stations. Squad 2 and North Syracuse handled a medical call during the fire incident. All units returned to service after approximately two hours.

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