Monday, January 03, 2022




01-03-22 // Signal 99 - Oldbury Road


Shortly befire 1AM, the Onondaga County 911 Center alerted the Moyers Corners Fire Department to a possible fire in an attached garage within the Station 4 response area.
Car 2 [DC Bailey] arrived shortly after dispatch and stuck the Signal 99 with heavy fire conditions presenting from the attached garage.
BC1 [BC Eldred] and BC2 [BC Beverly] arrived shortly after and took operations and safety chief assignments, respectively. Car 1 [Chief Wisnowski] assisted Car 2 with command.
Engine 11 [Lt Apples] arrived and assumed the first due engine assignment and begun the intial fire attach. Engine 41 [Lt Quinn] arrived second and placed a second attack line in service, while Truck 2 [Lt Myers] threw ground laddders and seached the struckture for any additional occupants. Engine 31 [Capt Wilkinson] assisted with manpower, and Lakeside Rescue 5 established the Rapid Intervention Team.
In addition, members of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, NOVA Ambulance, and the Onondaga County Fire Investigation Unit where present and assisted on scene.
While operating on the assignment, members of the North Syracuse, Belgium-Cold Springs, Clay, and Liverpool Fire Departments stood by at our firehouses.
The residents are being assisted by the Red Cross, and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.


This was the first "Signal 99" in 2022 for any department in Onondaga County, including the City of Syracuse. 

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