Friday, December 03, 2021

2022 Election Results

Congratulations to all the new and returning officers. Thank you for the service of the outgoing officers.
The MCFD would like to note that 2022 will be the first time in our history that a female will hold an elected Line Officer position. She previously held a Sergeant's position, which is appointed by the Chief of Department.

Chief Officers

Chief of Department (Car 1) - Ed Wisnowski
1st Deputy (Car 2) - Colin Bailey
2nd Deputy (Car 3) - Mike Brown
3rd Deputy (Car 4) - Steve Dembowski
Battalion 1 (BC-1) - Nick Eldred
Battalion 2 (BC-2) - Scott Beverly

Station 1

Captain - Jason Perkins
1st Lieutenant - Josh Hildreth
2nd Lieutenant - Zach Curtis
3rd Lieutenant - Alton Apples


Station 2

Captain - Steve Rush
1st Lieutenant - Trevor MacPherson
2nd Lieutenant - Ryan Hart
3rd Lieutenant - Chris Myers

Station 3

Captain - Scott Wilkinson
1st Lieutenant - Kyle Milazzo
2nd Lieutenant - Mark Atkinson
3rd Lieutenant - Brandon Broader


Station 4

Captain - Derek Watson
1st Lieutenant - Brian Quinn
2nd Lieutenant - Jami Whitmore


Executive Board

President - Richard Metz
1st Vice President - Greg Hart
2nd Vice President - Jason Harris
Secretary - Tyler Kozma
Treasurer - Geoff Maes
Assistant Treasurer - Paul Smith
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