Friday, February 28, 2020

• Member Spotlight • Top Responders - 2019


Station 1 - Zachery Curtis
Attended 302 Calls
37% of Station 1’s Calls
19% of Department Calls


Station 2 - Past Sgt. Jonathan Hart
Attended 276 Calls
26% of Station 2’s Calls
17% of Department Calls


Station 3 - Past Captain Mark Goettel
Attended 338 Calls
38% of Station 3’s Calls
21% of Department Calls


Station 4 - Robert Dreitlein Jr.
Attended 400 Calls
38% of Station 4’s Calls
25% of Department Calls


In the 2019 calendar year, MCFD was activated for 1,604 calls for help. So many of our members have dedicated countless hours to this Fire Department and their Community. Not just for calls but for training, standbys, details within the community, overnights, drill nights, the list goes on.. We are proud of the time and commitment our members make each year, as well as their families and friends for their continued support while their loved one rushes out the door. The dedication of these four, and so many others, is what truly keeps the volunteer fire service going.

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