Sunday, June 17, 2018

A busy weekend continues for Moyers Corners firefighters. At 2335 hours we were alerted to a possible structure fire on Muench Rd in the Station 3 response area.

Car 1 [Chief Wisnowski] arrived within moments of dispatch reporting visible fire up the side of the structure. At this time all occupants had evacuated the structure and C1 declared a Signal 99.

Just short of apparatus arrival a warbler (warning) tone was announced over the air regarding wires down across the street in front of the structure.

Car 2 [Chief Bailey] and North Syracuse Car 1 [Chief Libertore] handled the operations and safety sections.

Engine 31 [Capt. Wilkinson] arrived first, and stretched a hand line to the D-side of the structure. Truck 2 [Lt. Apples] arrived and attempted to ladder the structure, but were unable to complete the assignment due to the downed power lines. Truck 2’s crew continued on to conduct a primary search of the residence.

Engine 32 [Lt. Montague] arrived shortly after, bringing in a primary water supply by completing a reverse lay to Engine 31. They then stretched a second hand line and advanced to the 2nd floor of the structure.

Engine 21 [Lt. Rush] brought in a secondary water supply and stretched a third hand line to the structure to assist the primary line.

Ladder 1 [Lt. Hildreth] assisted with ventilation & Engine 41 [Capt. Balcer] provided man power at the scene. There were no injuries to any civilians or firefighters, and the fire was extinguished within 20 minutes of the initial dispatch. A quick knockdown allowed most of the residence's interior to remain unscathed.

Note: Homes on either side of the residence were evacuated due to a burning gas line, but were ultimately not damaged in this incident.

Also on scene: Mattydale FD as a 2nd RIT team after the working fire declaration, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, NOVA Ambulance & EAVES Rehab. The county fire investigation unit determined that the cause of the fire was accidental in nature.

Thank you to our volunteers for your continued hard work and dedication, especially on a weekend where high temperatures and high humidity can make things difficult. Also thank you to our mutual aid departments for covering our stations as we battled this fire.


View the full video of this event here!

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